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SVN Halloween Challenge

Yes yes, I know you think I have no life outside of running but yesterday afternoon I ran the Halloween Challenge, organised by http://www.saxon-shore.com

This being my 34th Marathon/Ultra of the year.

The forecast initially looked quite miserable, but in fact it turned out to be a lovely day and we were greeted by a beautiful sunset too.

These events attract so many people with their own personal goals and they are all so super friendly, I was fortunate to run along and chat to many of them. Also I had the pleasure of Lisa's company for two laps. Great running by all :-)

I had no real targets for distance today, each lap was 3.75 miles and I hoped to run at least 8 laps. I didn’t know how they’d recovered after Sundays efforts, but those legs of mine surprised me a bit. Running along with Lisa on Lap 7 and 8 I think helped distract me from the pain and I went out to do a 9th lap feeling quite good. I got back from that feeling a little tired, but ok and knowing that I have never ran more than 9 laps at Samphire Hoe I thought I’d go out for the 10th, so I did.

That last lap was hard work though, although I did run 90% of that lap, it was a constant struggle. I fought the urge to walk many times and the pace was down to nearly 11 minute miles although it felt like 9’s. I was so happy to cross that finish line and stuff my face with chocolate.

Running in that outfit was hot, and running with make-up was an experience.

From lap two onwards paint would stream into my eyes and I’d constantly

be trying to remove it from my eye. So much so that at the end and only realised when I was about to drive the 75miles back home, that I couldn’t see a single thing out of my right eye, just blurry blobs of light. That drive home was quite an ordeal.

Anyway... 37.5 miles completed in 6hrs 27mins

Thank you to Traviss today for your “talks” haha 😂 you do make me laugh, once again to the lovely Rachel and to Jennie, that bread pudding was amazing and a chunk of that every lap kept me well fuelled :-)


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