• Barry Gerhold

Currently injured

Due to the ankle injury which I have been suffering with since the beginning of September, I have decided to take 6 weeks off of running and due to return for my event on 24th Feb.

I have been attempting to maintain some level of fitness recently through cycling and have been using the Zwift software to help turbo training be less boring, and to be honest it has been great.

I may put together a longer post to describe the injury and the problems it has caused, and the path to the upcoming 100 mile event. The 100 mile event I do intend to attempt, but I'd be crazy to expect to be able to complete it based on the lack of training over the past 6 months. The event provides additional drop down options such as: 24hr timed event where I can run as many miles as I wish within that time, there are also daily 6hr challenges which have the same format.

My hope is to at least record a distance that I can add to my marathon count sheet, the secondary goal will be to get a distance PB which will be over 50miles, and finally goal C will be to struggle through the whole 100 miles.

Again I will put a more detailed entry together to provide a story on my path to this 100 mile event, explaining the ups and downs (mostly downs) on the way to this event, which was meant to be the big one for me this year.

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