• Barry Gerhold

Saxon Shore - Music Legends Challenge

Ultra/Marathon number 3 of the year.

12th February 2017

This one being day one of a two day challenge.

Today was the Music Legends Challenge in memory of Bowie. Organised by Saxon-Shore. Here runners complete as many 5.25 laps as they wish within 6hrs.

My intention today was to slow down my pace and complete the marathon distance within 3hrs 45mins and then take the final lap (5.25 miles) at an even slower pace, mixing in some walking in hope that my legs are feeling ok for tomorrow.

The marathon distance went exactly to plan, completing that in around 3hrs 43mins I think and then I went on to do the final lap. Finishing the distance of 31.5 miles in 4hrs 37mins.

I felt pretty comfortable the whole way. Legs obviously were getting tired and calves were a bit tight, but nothing too bad. Back at the hotel attempted a cold bath as I hear that what the pro’s do, but I ended up jumping straight out screaming like a little girl. Sod that!

So on to tomorrow, same location with a slight variation to the route. 3.7 mile laps I think. Let’s see how many laps my body can do.

Had the pleasure of running with Natalie today who done 3 laps and in a great time. She will be out there running tomorrow too :-)

My strava stats for the run:https://www.strava.com/activities/863946979/overview

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