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Saxon Shore - Hugin Challenge

Second Ultra/Marathon of the year.

Saxon-shore Hugin Challenge.

22nd Januray 2017

This one was at Pegwell Bay, Kent where the temperature started at around -5°C.

Today’s goals were: a) to break my 50km personal best. Previously 4hrs 28mins and b) to complete 11 laps of the 3.3 mile course for a new distance PB.

I had to run at a pace of 8:20 minutes per mile or better for 31 miles to beat this. I seemed to feel quite comfortable, up until the marathon distance. I felt I was eating and drinking well and every now and again, I experienced the odd niggle in the calves or hamstring, but that is pretty normal.

After the marathon mark, my energy levels seemed to drop and the strain on my legs became very noticeable. I managed to keep a relatively good pace, although at this point it began to drop below my intended. This wasn’t too much of a problem, as I was already ahead of my target.

Mile 31 was hell. Nothing at all left in the legs. I was reduced to quite a few sections of walking. Once I hit 31.1 miles, I could relax. The time I set was 4hrs 17mins, which was 11minutes improvement on my PB. There was still 2 miles left of this lap, so I used them as a cool down and reduced the pace. I even had a nice walk with Natalie up the hill.

​I decided not to do lap 11. My legs were in a lot of pain; I knew that it would involve mostly walking and I couldn’t be arsed with that.

With that, goal A had been achieved and I felt very happy with that.

Thank you to the crazy gang. Very much appreciated Natalie and the girls cheering me on, it helped keep me distracted from the pain.

32.9 miles covered in 4hrs 38minutes

Thank you once again Traviss, Rachel and all the helpers.

*Natalie braved the cold even whilst nursing her own stinking cold... thanks so much Nat, you can have my chocolate goodie bag for being such a superstar. I love you.

*This was added by my very personal copy editor, but it is still very true.

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