• Barry Gerhold

Phoenix End Of Year Marathon

Final marathon of the year complete. Number 14.

Phoenix End of Year Marathon.

I had no real goals for this event, just to try and enjoy it.

It was a bitterly cold morning, so I made sure my upper body was wrapped up.

I headed out at a pace varying between 8:00 and 8:15 per mile, which was fairly comfortable, but after halfway, the hamstrings were feeling fatigued and continued to feel so for the remainder.

During the final 8 miles, I decided to walk for 150m each mile so that the legs might try to recover. Fortunately the average pace for these miles didn’t drop below 9min/mile and I even managed to catch and overtake 3 people in the final 6 miles.

I finished in a time of 3hrs 38mins, not my fastest, but I am happy. Considering this time last year I had never run a marathon event, a 3:38 time then was only ever in my dreams. I can look back over the last year with pride and feel eager to build on my achievements next year.

Thank you once again Juno and Natalie for your support and passing me drinks. Love you loads... you are amazing!


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