• Barry Gerhold

Phoenix Riverside Marathon

Marathon 11 of the year complete...

20th November 2016

Waking up at 6am with the rain coming down outside and then feeling the warmth of radiators being on. The last thing I wanted to do was go outside, drive to Walton-on-Thames and run a marathon.

This marathon was of no real significance, intending to use it as a training run. Didn't want or need to push myself today, just attempting to "enjoy" it.

Forecast for the morning was rain, and also very windy with gusts up to 40mph. Haven't got a clue what got me out that door. But something did....

I took things relatively easy for first few miles, then had a toilet stop after 10 miles and after which I pushed on in an attempt to catch the people that were initially running close. The course was actually quite fun. Lots of mud and puddles, jumping these and zig-zagging around them.

Race complete in 3hrs 31mins (including a 3min stop)


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