• Barry Gerhold

Enigma - Rocky Marathon

Yesterday afternoon I completed my 8th Marathon of the year. This one did not go quite to plan.

At the half way stage I was on for a 3hr 30 marathon, and feeling good, but not long after it all went to shit!

The relentless head wind took its toll and after mile 20 I had to include 60 second walks every mile, and pretty much walked the whole of the last 3 miles and threw up 3 times on final lap (I guess you didn't need to know that)

However after all that I finished in 3hrs 52mins and 4th place. This one marking the 40th Anniversary of Rocky coming to our screens. Held by enigmarunning.co.uk

Thank you once again Natalie for being there and cheering me on at the end of every lap and passing me drinks etc. You certainly helped get me through those dark moments.

This one has knocked my confidence somewhat. Now 4 weeks till the next one.


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