• Barry Gerhold

Saxon Shore - Book Day Challenge

I’ve only gone and bloody won it…

Entered something a little different today, a timed event running as many 5k laps as you want within a 6 hour period, can drop out after 1 lap if you like to get your medal, each lap is muddy as hell (and yes that is very muddy) and the climbing per lap is approx. 400ft.

I managed to get the fastest marathon of the day and also pushed an extra lap to make it an ultra-marathon and be named the official winner. My first ever time that I have won a running event, absolutely chuffed will be an understatement. And a great goody bag too.

10 laps, nearly 4,000ft of elevation (higher than Snowdon)

They had the distance for me as 29 miles, but according to my watch it was 27.5.


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